From our offices in Boston, LA, London and Galway, Ireland, Orreco is changing the way professional and Olympic athletes optimize their performance. We lead the world in applying Sports Science and Data Analytics to reduce injury risk, accelerate recovery and prolong careers. We work with the best of the best including Olympians, PGA golfers, US pro franchises across the leagues as well as F1 drivers and UK Premier League teams.

Orreco is expanding its athlete roster, particularly in Basketball and Golf, and we are now seeking an experienced scientist to join our team delivering Orreco’s customized services to elite athletes in the USA.

You will join a team of seasoned professional sports scientists, clinical and performance nutritionists, researchers, data scientists, statisticians and software developers. Your role will involve liaising directly with clients to translate data insights into action, within the high performance enclaves in the USA, succinctly communicating data, behaviour change and recovery strategies focused on athlete health and performance. This may involve contributing to the development of applications to scale these insights to a wider population of athletes, particularly through the generation of appropriate technical content.

It will be an advantage if you are familiar with a host of data acquisition tools that track aspects of performance such as workload, sleep, nutrition, biomarkers and exercise physiology data. You must have a flexible, innovative mind, ready to work with the Orreco team to get the job done and find appropriate solutions in many different circumstances. You will also have a leadership role to recruit, direct and develop colleagues as part of a dynamic team.

You will have an appreciation, if not experience, of melding data science, cognitive computing and sports science and will be comfortable operating in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment and working with a multi-skilled team based in multiple locations.

Role Parameters:

  • Full-time role;
  • Based in Los Angeles, USA, with travel to Florida, Boston and other locations as necessary.
  • Salary commensurate with experience.

Technical Requirements

  • PhD or equivalent;
  • Extensive (>10 years) experience working directly with Olympic and/or Professional athletes, or the military, and high performance personnel including Sports Medicine practitioners;
  • Active participation in applied research is highly desirable, for example, a track record of publications;
  • Professional Accreditation as a Sport Scientist, Nutritionist or Dietician. Related fields may also be considered.

Goals & Deliverables:

  • Contribute to and lead the delivery of evidence-based, biomarker- and data-driven sports science support services to Orreco clients in the USA and Canada;
  • Where needed, deliver/facilitate nutrition support to clients;
  • Publish novel research and disseminate this accordingly in line with Orreco strategies i.e. conferences, media.
  • Provide support to the Orreco team with the development and advancement of business and key products.
  • Undertake or facilitate research with Orreco’s academic partners and overseen by Orreco’s Chief Research Advisor.