A Thinking Ape is a growing independent mobile games startup with big ambitions. Our years of success comes down to our belief in people: Both our staff and our players. We build games that foster communities and provide our players with tools to interact in deeply strategic and passionate ways, creating games that become a part of our player’s lives. However, building games of this quality is challenging, so we work hard to find the smartest and most talented people in the world, then give them the freedom to do their best work.


When we set out to make great games with massive online communities, we knew that we first had to create the ideal environment for building ambitious things. A place where brilliant and inspiring people could come together and build games that make millions of players happy. We realized that we needed to find incredibly talented people and get out of their way. Since then we've paid careful attention to how we like to work together. We are looking for people to add to our potential rather than just to fill an open position. Each hire must increase the average skill level at the company, even if by just a small amount.

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