Here at Base we like to focus on the nice things. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our service. We originally opened our first shop in Terenure village in 2008 and due to its success we opened a second store in Ballsbridge in 2012 and our third in Stillorgan in 2015. We like to think we're a little different from your average pizza delivery service due to the lengths we go to ensuring our customers leave with a quality product and a smile on their face.

‚ÄčA Little More About Us

In 2012 we ventured into the realm of specialty coffees in our Ballbridge and Stillorgan stores. All our baristas train with Colin Harmon of 3fe and we pay special attention to everything that makes a great coffee; quality beans, grinding, dialing in, tamping, extraction time and milk steaming.

We want to make the Base brand as outstanding as we can and we can't do that without like minded people who want to get involved.

What We're Looking For

We look for staff that understand the values of what good food and drink means. If you're into your pizzas, coffee and like our values and feel like you can fit into our company then get in touch. We look for enthusiasm, initiative, good work ethic and of course a smile can't do any harm either.

Ideally experience and expertise in the food industry will be of benefit to potential candidates. But having said that, no experience does not mean we can't fit you into the company, we never turn away passion, potential or someone with a good attitude.

We endeavour to have our staff trained by the best so no matter who is working the product reaches the same consistent Base level of expectations. Any new candidates will receive the training they need to be successful in their role.

Our Values

Influenced by traditional Neapolitan cooking methods and inspired by modern flavours we aim to provide our customers with a superior pizza experience. Not only are we fanatical about taste but we also ensure that our ingredients are the freshest and finest available. Our flour, charcuterie and cheeses are sourced directly from our co-op of independent producers based in Naples and we locally source all our fruit and vegetables.

Everything is prepared daily by us so we can ensure that each and every pizza is exactly as it should be. At Base we strive to honour the heritage of traditional pizza, where the quality of ingredients is paramount.We feel our attention to detail and passion for quality pays off and we're proud to provide a pizza experience created with real integrity.

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