Beeye offers a software solution for project and team management. With clients coming from varied sectors (enterprise, SMB, government), Beeye stands out thanks to an innovative solution that addresses the complex challenges faced by organisations in managing and optimizing planning, capacity, accountability and performance.

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How it works!

Test different scenarios

  • You can use scenarios to prioritize based on projects' benefits and employee availabilty.

Optimize the workload of your employees

  • Display at every moment your employees workload to better balance the work to be done. See who's overassigned, and who can help out.

Master the situation

  • With the beeye dashboard, you can see at a glance your employees workload, your projects progress and your teams health.

Follow the progress of your projects

  • Keep an eye on the progress of your projects and be aware of their end date. In their timesheets, employees can change the estimated work remaining, and eliminate surprises.

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