BioConnect was founded in 2009 to fundamentally change society’s definition of identity. Your biometrics are unique to you and only you – your Rightful Identity. We have developed leading biometric technology that enables enterprise software solutions to consume biometrics for identification and authentication.

Identity for the physical and digital world.

Change the Face of Identity

Become a BioConnector. Build Technologies that have Real Impact.

Why Become a BioConnector?

BioConnect was founded as a place where the passion, drive and talent within us is given a vehicle and the freedom to innovate – a strict departure from the traditional employee-employer model. We call our employees BioConnectorsbecause we are part of a tribe (just take one step into our Toronto Headquarters and you get that vibe.)

What is a BioConnector?

  1. A person that believes in connecting people to their Rightful Identity, their biometrics.
  2. An entrepreneurial, forward-thinking, creative problem solver
  3. A member of a tribe where he or she can find the highest business impact and personal growth

Work Hard. Play Hard.

As it’s written in our core values, “when the fun stops, it’s time to close the door.” Join us every Friday for a nice cold beer at our in-house Stella Artois tap, hop on a scooter to get to your next meeting, or join us for a seasonal “Hump Day Hoops” (featuring drone footage – duh, we’re a tech company).

Awesome Perks


We provide awesome medical and health benefits to keep our team in top notch shape!


Join us every Friday for a nice cold beer from our in-house Stell Artois Nova on tap.


Stay in shape with our corporate membership rate at GoodLife Fitness.


T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, stickers, mugs… you name it, we got it!

Jobs at BioConnect

We have no positions available right now

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