Breather creates peaceful, practical and beautifully designed meeting rooms and private workspaces.

We’re venture backed. We’re growing quickly. We have big ambitions… we want you to help us achieve them. We hire the best and brightest for our growing team. Check out the jobs posted below and get in touch to apply.

A global story...

We first launched Breather in Montreal, Canada, in August 2013. Since then, we’ve expanded to 10 cities in just three years. Although we are now operating globally (our latest expansion was to London, England!), our main offices are in Montreal and New York City.

Our mission

To make the world’s spaces connected, accessible and productive

Why the tree (our logo) you ask?

Trees represent an ecosystem. Trees last a long time, just like what we are trying to build. Trees are a place of refuge, where you can find shade or sit down and take a moment of rest.

A long time ago when we started Breather, we thought of trees as the lungs of the world, helping people breathe easy and be comfortable. As we grow, we like to think of ourselves as building a new kind of ecosystem, one that lets you breathe and connect and climb as high as you need to.

—Julien Smith, CEO and Co-Founder

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Our values

At Breather, our company values are not only the principles that link us together in the way we work, but they also keep us aligned on the same path, all working towards connected goals. These standards are what guide us on our collective journey through space(s).

CONTRIBUTION: Make the biggest possible impact.

SPEED: Move fast, iterate faster.

SERVICE: Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.

INDEPENDENCE: Work with a sense of ownership.

HUMILITY: Get over yourself.

AMBITION: Act like an entrepreneur.

EMPATHY: Embrace everyone’s perspective.

CANDOR: Be respectfully honest.

Culture and Perks

Our perks are a part of a casual company culture that inspires our employees to work better, wherever they are.

Flexible work life: We trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive.

Dog friendly office: Bring your dog to work, and you’ll find plenty of friends waiting to play with them.

Fully stocked kitchen: Snacks and enough coffee to make you vibrate. Help yourself to treats throughout the day.

Referral bonuses: Good people know good people: utilize your network and help us find the right person for the job.

Breather hours: We empower our employees to use the product we build. Get unlimited free Breather hours to use throughout our entire network.

Learning and Development: Attend talks, conferences, and professional development events that interest you, and benefit your career growth.


Our traditions involve learning, laughing, singing, the occasional beer, and pizza (always pizza).

Birthday celebrations

Cakes and serenades (you can’t escape us). We celebrate birthdays monthly. Just let us know your favourite kind of cake.

We like to party

Board game nights, Nintendo tournaments, office karaoke, holiday parties, happy hour drinks, costume contests, and more.

Team outings

Each department is encouraged to do a quarterly outing. From apple picking to archery dodgeball it’s never a dull moment between colleagues

Quarterly hackdays

We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, continuous learning and curious exploration. Once a quarter, we drop all regular tasks for the day and shift focus to one project that you’ve been itching to build.

Lunch & Learns

Every Wednesday is Lunch & Learn. That means that you get to listen to your colleagues talk about the latest conference they attended, or topic of their choice — with freshly delivered pizza in hand.

Benefits... We’ve got you covered.

US Health Insurance

Breather has partnered with Trinet to offer a variety of health care plans. You can customize your health, dental and vision options to choose what works for you (options may vary by state).

We’re committed to offering the best quality coverage. Breather offers options that are 100% employer funded but feel free to add additional coverage (additional premiums may apply).

Canadian Health Insurance

Breather has a comprehensive group health care plan which includes health, dental, vision, life and AD&D coverage. Your health is important to us so we pay 100% of employee insurance premiums.

Meet the Founders

Caterina and Julien first met almost two decades ago, when they were both working as salespeople at a now-defunct department store called Eaton's in Montreal, Canada. When they met up again in 2012, it was clear to both that they'd achieved a lot, individually, and that working together could help them make something really unique and special. Together they developed Julien's idea of a quiet place to go.

Together, they created Breather—the result is what you see today.

Meet the Breather team..

"We’re a driven team, living all over the world, working together to make one little idea into an ever-expanding network. Having a comfortable and stimulating work environment is really important to us, and our people are constantly working together to create something unique and exciting."

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