We build digital capabilities.

We work with clients to identify digital opportunities that will increase revenues, develop relationships and improve efficiencies. Our creative, technical and operational expertise then put those opportunities into practice - rapidly, reliably and at scale.

‚ÄčIt's not just websites and apps.

Yes, we make websites, and yes, we make mobile apps. But digital isn't just about websites or apps; it's about understanding how people interact with these platforms on a daily basis. How they keep in touch with their friends and family, how they order a new pair of jeans, how they book their next holiday, how they order a birthday present for their niece on the other side of the world.

So for all the complicated technology that we have to understand, it's equally important for us to understand people: their thoughts, their behaviour and their motivations. Without an extensive knowledge of what makes them tick, it's impossible for us to create relevant solutions that are both useful and usable.

Building Blocks is a team of people that all feel the same way. A multi disciplined group, experienced in research and strategy, user experience design, creative, technology, quality assurance and project management.

Together we make digital solutions used on the web, intranets and mobile devices for organisations around the world.

Our People.

We're now eight years young and over sixty blocks in total. Each one completely different. Each one equally important. Because for us it's the blocks that make it all work. It's our people that bring it to life.

Jobs at Building Blocks

Technical Consultant

Building Blocks

Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 02111

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