Content Writer at Vyoo Brand + Content in Toronto, Canada

Can you write? I mean really write? We are scouting for talented writers who can work on a contract freelance basis to help with content creation for our clients. Our account list includes clean tech and high tech for smart cities, the legal profession and the financial sector and others who contact us in any given week. We’ve helped sports marketing, professional services and large festivals among others with our strategy and creative thinking. So you can see why we are looking for versatility. At Vyoo, writers have a wide range of experience and ability in different business arenas.

The media we work in ranges from white papers, blogs, social media to online content and video scripts - all penned in an entertaining, educational or simply interesting way. But all driven from a well-articulated brand or content strategy.

So if you have the ability to write in an interesting fashion because you yourself are an interesting and curious person, then connect with us.


You should come with a background in journalism, PR or content creation or simply have the passion and ability to write longer forms of copy. A post secondary education is preferred, however, we have found writers from all walks of life.

A portfolio with a variety of work.

To apply: Submit a story about yourself on our website as well as provide your resume and work samples here.