Cocu is one of the most exciting healthy fast food brands in Dublin. Born from a love of quality food and a desire to eat healthy, while maintaining a busy lifestyle. The name Cocu is a play on counter culture referring to the fact that we serve up fast, over the counter food but using local, seasonal and healthy ingredients. We took inspiration from travelling and working abroad, where we experienced all sorts of weird and wonderful health food concepts. We brought that inspiration back to Dublin and this is what we came up with!

New Locations Coming Soon!

Cocu is growing quickly and some exciting expansions are taking place towards the end of Summer 2016! We are looking to get some Talented foodies trained up to fill out the teams for these new locations in Dublin 1 and Dublin 2. If you are interested in working for Cocu, keep an eye on this space and apply on Jobbio!

Our Values


Form and nurture relationships with customers, suppliers and the local community

Develop new dishes, using in-season produce, to keep the menu imaginative and exciting

Use eco-friendly processes and biodegradable packaging, where possible, to keep Mother Earth happy

Deliver delicious food, with a smile, on time…..every time!

Our Talented Team

Here at Cocu we fundamentally believe in investing in our team and giving them the best chance as individuals to develop their careers. We do this by providing a fun and dedicated work environment, and investing in training and career development initiatives.

Our development plan

We have a clear Key Performance Indicator system for our team, with measurable and realistic targets. Reaching these targets results in rewards, and at the end of the quarter they can use their rewards to be up skilled in the company through an external training platform which the company will help to subsidise.

Our Food

Our menu has been thoughtfully designed by our Executive Chef, Emilia Rowan, around 3 key criteria:Quality, Simplicity & Creativity. If we stick to these, the great taste and healthy benefits will come naturally! All our dishes are prepared on site, using the finest local and seasonal ingredients.


Our menu has been nutritionally assessed and calorie counted by Dublin based dietician Orla Walsh. Orla worked with us to create a nutritionally balanced menu that caters to all dietary needs. Orla believes that a healthy diet is a well-rounded and balanced one. This belief is reflected in our menu!

Our Perks!

  • Working for the most exciting healthy fast food brand in Dublin
  • Enjoy Cocu healthy food on us on your paid break
  • Awards for learning more about your journey at Cocu
  • We love to celebrate and have regular fun times/parties at Cocu
  • Great emphasis on developing your potential
  • Incredible career progression opportunities - many have gone on to become team leaders, managers and join our Head Office team

The Cocu Journey - Alex's Story

Alex is from Bucharest in Romania.She studies back home Physical Education and Sports. She decided to come to Ireland to have better life and gain some experience. In October 2014 she arrived to Dublin full of expectations.

Her first job in Ireland was in Il Posto, a beautiful Italian restaurant in Dublin. Working as a waitress was her passion so she was delighted to find this job. Her adventure continued in Fitto Coffee where Alex gained some essential barista experience. But she was looking for more and more. Alex started working in Cocu at the beginning of the year 2016. She was looking for a more challenging and secure job where she could learn about healthy food and grow in her career.

Alex’s Cocu journey has been incredible and a whirlwind over 4 months. Starting as a waitress shadowing the GM as the months went on developing her skillset and watching all the decisions being made she began to develop more proficient. Alex’s hard work and passion for the Cocu brand, concept, family insured Cocu that she was the right person to develop. After 4 months of hard work, many questions and watching and learning daily Alex is today being the new Cocu Manager of Baggot Street.

ALEX: “I don't have a role ­model in my life or work because I am trying to get what is the best from everyone around me.” Alex’s vision for future – she wants to be the best manager in Cocu!!

‘Best of luck Alex and congratulations, well deserved’ Conor Dunne Commercial Director Cocu Restaurants Ireland

The Cocu Journey - Laura's Story

Laura is originally from the Basque Country, Spain. Laura had a passion for journalism and literature and she also has her degree in this field also. Laura came to Ireland in 2014. Back then she didn’t even dream about being a manager in this new country she just came in to. Her first job was working in a canteen owned by an Irish family. As a kitchen and floor assistant her skills stared to grow. Laura went from job to job trying to find her niche in areas such a bakery, a coffee shop and in a couple of hospital restaurants.

The first Cocu on Baggot street was Laura’s first Cocu stop. A few months down the line a new bigger restaurant was opened on Hatch Street and Laura got the opportunity to move to a bigger adventure. Laura started off as a waitress in the Hatch Street store which opened in November 2015. Some months later it was seen that Laura had great raw potential and was challenged by GM Gabi for few weeks. Hard work, loyalty, good ideas, team work payed off and Laura became assistant manager after 3 months.

Laura: “I see myself in a fast and good path. When I started working with Cocu I had experience in both FOH and BOH, I learnt a lot from my previous experiences. But now Cocu has given me the opportunity to become skilled at something new: MANAGMENT. So I ́m very happy with that prospect. I ́m always willing to learn new things and I love to be challenged.“

Laura’s hard work and passion for Cocu is growing every day and so is her career. Laura will be very shortly getting her new title as General Manager of Hatch Street in August 2016 when Cocu’s third and largest operation in Dublin opens its doors in Dublin 2. When we asked Laura who is her role­ model in the business she said her current mentor and GM Gabriela who has come from a background in Hotel Management to becoming key to Cocu’s development.

Laura: "­I ́ve always wanted to learn how to manage a business like this and Cocu is showing me everything and giving me the skills and opportunities to grow my skill set and career. Not only am I discovering how to run a restaurant from a financial point of view, I ́m also observing new ways of doing everything else involved, improving my skills every day." In the future Laura is hoping to see her self as a great GM of one of the Cocu restaurants, keeping the good work up of the previous management and improving it also.

Laura: “8 months ago I wouldn't have thought I would see myself in this position, I ́m sure I will continue working hard looking for the best results possible but with more security and self-knowledge day by day.‘’

"Very proud of the development shown by Laura and you will make a fantastic GM ‘’Conor Dunne, Commercial Director of Cocu Restaurants Ireland

‘’At Cocu we pride ourselves on staff development and growth. We target ourselves to identify raw talent early on and give them the path and tools to grow their career and skillset while we keep them on track. We don’t look into age, experience etc. We believe in a focus, passion, sharpness and a willingness to learn and grow with us on our exciting journey as we open up two more restaurants in Dublin 1 and Dublin 2 in high profile and high footfall areas in the late summer early autumn’’. – Conor Dunne, CommercialDirector of Cocu Restaurants Ireland


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