At Creme Global, we are on a mission and our vision is grand. It is a world where everyone can make better decisions, based on real data and Expert Models. We are working hard to create something important here and we are always on the lookout for creative and highly professional people, to join our team and contribute to our mission.

Our culture is creative, scientific and progressive and our multidisciplinary team is world class with backgrounds in data science, mathematics, nutrition, food science, physics, bioinformatics, computer science, engineering and business.

We have developed a data science platform (Expert Models) on which we are creating and deploying models and datasets that are used by our team and clients to analyse and model data in a user-friendly environment in many sectors and domains. Our client base is global and includes government agencies and includes government agencies and some of the biggest companies in the world.

We are looking for an experienced Sales and Marketing professional to help deliver on our growth objectives. The successful candidate will take responsibility for the sales process from lead generation to contract signed. The ideal candidate will have demonstrable commercial experience, and will have the ability to sell high value business services to clients locally and internationally. Duties... read more

Careers at Creme Global
Here at Creme Global we are on a mission. Our vision is grand. It is a world where everyone can make better decisions, based on real data and Expert Models. We are working hard to create something important here and we are always on the lookout for creative and highly professional people, to join our team and contribute to our mission.
Our team is world class and it brings together experts in mathematical modelling, statistics, software development, food science, nutrition and business to develop and deploy our software models for consumer intake modelling, product safety assessment, regulatory affairs and innovation projects.

Benefits of working at Creme Global
As well as joining an excellent, friendly and professional team. You will experience the following benefits of working with Creme Global:
World Class Research - We emphasise the value of research, we publish our work in scientific journals and attend conferences to network, speak and present posters. We participate as a partner in ground breaking EU funded FP7 research projects (like Food4me).
Do Good on a Global Scale - Work with a company whose products help industry and regulators to make better decisions in relation to people's health and safety on a global scale.
Big Data and Cloud Technologies - We have patented cloud technology and focus on innovation in this area. We adopt new technologies where it makes us better. We make ourselves the best by innovating and designing new ways to do things!
Great Location - based in Dublin's “Silicon Docks†area and surrounded by culture (Grand Canal Theatre, Science Gallery, etc.), leisure facilities (Gyms, Parks, Waterways Centre, etc...), Dublinbikes station, public transport links (Dart, buses and Luas) and a range of shops, bars and restaurants.
Learning and Development Support - Creme Global is committed to employees career development and growth, offering employees financial support and paid time off for completion of studies and examinations.
Lean and Agile - We have implemented lean and agile methodologies across the company so that we can work smarter, better and more effectively.
We Give Back - We give back by working with students on internships and work placements. We also provide support to students through free lectures (e.g. UCD MSc in Food Safety) and prizes (e.g. prizes for 1st and 2nd place student in the MSc in High Performance Computing in Trinity College Dublin).
1 Year Bonus - As a reward and thank you for your contribution over your first year in Creme Global offers employees a bonus (this can be some electronics or a contribution towards a course of study).
Tag Rugby - We are big Tag Rugby fans and our Creme Global team valiantly participates in the Dublin Summer Tag Rugby league each year.
Fresh Fruit and Good Coffee - We provide fresh fruit for staff, supporting good nutritional choices. Really good coffee and tea is also available every day. Our “Team Tuesday†coffee morning is a special treat, especially when the most culinary skilled of our team bake cakes!
Summer Day Out - We take time out each Summer to go and do something fun as a team. Recent activities include: archery, orienteering, slow bicycle races, climbing the Sugar Loaf mountain (Co. Wicklow), clay pigeon shooting, walks (e.g. from Greystones to Bray), paint-balling, go-karting, the list goes on! These events are followed by food and refreshments.
Social Club - Creme Global supports many events organised during the year by our staff social club. These include sporting events, summer BBQs, Christmas festivities and many more!
Bike to Work Scheme - Creme Global participates in the Bike to Work scheme, enabling employees obtain a new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,000 and save up to 52% of the retail price of bike and equipment.
Tax Saver Commuter Tickets - Creme Global have a Tax Saver Commuter Ticket scheme, enabling employees obtain monthly or annual tickets for Rail, Dart, Dublin Bus and Luas, saving up to 52% of the ticket price

Employee Testomonial - Adelaide Caudron
Business Internship - 2011
I did an internship at Creme from June to December 2011. This internship was part of my Bachelor degree at EMLYON, a French business school. At the end of the first year of our course, each student is required to do a 6-month internship abroad. I chose Creme for its area of expertise: the food industry.
My internship was business focused and I worked mostly with the Business Development Executive. My tasks were very varied. I took over most of the administrative duties, some basic HR management and accounting. I particularly enjoyed carrying out market studies and researching information on customers and competitors.
I had also several opportunities to talk with potential customers at conferences and over the phone. This was the part of my internship that I liked the most, and as a result I now know that I want to become a sales representative.
Finally, I also completed several projects on the quality control departments for food companies, on the sales strategy in SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and on food and cosmetics regulators.
Working for Creme was really enjoyable. As soon as you arrive, the Creme team makes sure you feel comfortable and the Creme Training Program is a great tool to ensure that the new staff understands the values and functions of the company.
I really enjoyed my internship in Creme. I came in Ireland without having a clue of the orientation I wanted to give to my career and I now know what I want to do in the future: Mission accomplished.

Employee Testomonial - Kate Ainscough
Food Science and Nutrition - Summer 2010
As part of my college course, Food Science at UCD, students are required to undertake a work placement related to our particular discipline. I chose an internship at Creme as I took an interest in the line of work they do in relation to the food industry and nutrition, and how running exposure assessments related to nutrients and harmful substances in food and cosmetics is so beneficial; by providing government, industry and academics with valuable information and results which will ultimately be used to improve the health and safety of the everyday consumer.
Starting the internship was a good experience as I was instantly introduced to the staff, the projects and how the company functions in general, and was made familiar and comfortable with my new surroundings. Everyone was so pleasant, approachable and helpful and the daily staff meetings made it easy to communicate any issues that arose. These meetings also helped to get an idea of what everyone on the team was working on and how that fits in with the construction of the finished product - the software - and also allowed me to participate in projects and current events as a true member of staff.
While I was at Creme I worked on researching data tables and information on food consumption, food composition, nutrient recommendations and chemical and contaminant regulation levels. I also enjoyed researching current and upcoming food and nutritional matters and evaluating exposure assessment reports from a food science/nutrition point of view to give clients some explanation of the assessment results produced. I liked the fact that the information I found through my research would be put to good use to better understanding of consumer exposure to substances in food and cosmetics, and that the relevant action would be taken in order to refine the quality of these essential everyday items which is central to ensuring our health and safety.
Not only did I learn more about material in relation to my course, but I gained the experience of working in a professional environment and how important it is to work as a team to produce high quality results and to run a successful business.
I am entering my final year of college now equipped with the knowledge and expertise Creme has taught me which I believe will greatly benefit my future studies and professional career.

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