helps event organisers succeed in selling out great events.

We're a software-as-a-service platform that provides marketing & growth hacking tools to event professionals.

Our offices are based in the city centre in Dublin, Ireland and Las Vegas in the U.S.

We're passionate about making events successful globally, and having a load of fun while doing it.

VIPSY, previously known as InForFree, is a #1 ranked app that has helped over a million people discover and get into nightclub events free. It’s part of the family - we help event organisers sell out great events.We’re looking for an experienced salesperson who wants to really step up their level of responsibility and take on the leadership of the VIPSY product.It’s like taking... read more

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Working at Crowdflow
We're a tech startup. Every single person working for us will have a far bigger impact on the future of the company than if you were to work for a big company where you're just another cog in the wheel. Part of this means that you need to be ready to move outside your area of expertise, and be capable of embracing the chaotic nature of a startup. If you crave responsibility and impact, and detest bureaucracy, a startup is the place for you.
What we're Looking for:
Always be learning - we need people who can constantly learn new things and apply them on a daily basis.
Initiative - Take a task or project and just run with it. We're not going to micromanage you or provide step-by-step instructions.
Passion - You need to be really, genuinely interested in what you do, and that needs to come across when you talk about it.
We're 100% product focused so you're interested in either building the product (development) or talking to customers about it (sales/marketing) then connect or apply to us today!
One thing you might not know about us - our annual company retreat is in Las Vegas...

About You
How can you stand out
It's all about the experience. Show us something awesome you did or created. Including a 1-2 minute video intro in your Bio will demonstrate your abilities far better than a CV.
The perfect applicant in 5 words: Smart, innovative, motivated, skilled & excited
Part of our interview process is to present a problem scenario to the applicant.
Sometimes, candidates come up with a completely brilliant solution that we hadn't thought of ourselves, and there's nothing that impresses us more!

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