Dmbook Pro is a modern communication platform completely bespoke for hotels. We took the traditional hotel handover (also known as "Duty Manager Book" or "DM Book") and reinvented it for the 21st century. Our mission is to help hotels of all size work more efficiently and save money. We do that by making team management and communication easy, straightforward and error proof.

Wo we are

Dmbook Pro has been created by two French brothers: Bruno, Front Office Manager with years of experience in the hospitality industry and RĂ©mi, software engineer specialized in web applications. As a company, we embody the marriage of those two very different skill sets. We strive to bring cutting edge technology into hotels by making it as simple and as accessible as possible. We are here to make hoteliers' life easier, not bother them with "yet another cool gimmicky tool" to learn. The best technology is the one you don't see!


  • Flexible work hours
  • Open vacation policy
  • Employee share option scheme
  • GoCar company account

Quick presentation of Dmbook Pro

Meet Paul the receptionist, and his struggle to keep track of everything.

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