We’re EY. We’re one of the Big 4. You might have heard of us. What you mightn’t have heard though is we’re a bit different to the others. We like to think about things in a new, fresh kind of way. That’s why we like to hire people who think a bit different too. You see, we’re looking to build a better working world. You don’t do that by going about it the same way as you always did. You build a better working world by going at it differently, and that means hiring people who think differently, act differently, work differently, and recognise that there’s some serious merit in doing things differently. We work with some of the world’s largest and most important companies, helping them to make the right business decisions, be that in the realm of Assurance, Tax, Advisory, Transactions, IT, Data & Cyber. Our world is fast paced, and exciting, with no two days the same. Our world thrives on diversity, collaboration, and fresh thinking.

​Our Business

Assurance - When a client looks to make a decision, we ensure they make an informed one. We run the numbers and provide our clients with accounting solutions and peace of mind in an increasingly complex financial world. Auditing an EY client includes understanding the key business and financial risks facing our clients and the markets they operate in, reviewing processes, designing tests and verifying accounting treatments and numbers, all whilst complying with accounting and auditing standards.

Tax - Taxation mirrors the constantly evolving modern world, thus it is in constant flux, which requires our teams in Tax to adapt and apply their knowledge in new innovative ways every day. Our role as trusted advisors is more important than ever. We predict how tax will evolve and how best to react to those changes. Our clients rely on our Tax team’s extraordinary understanding to best manage their assets and ensure they’re being taxed properly.

Our Business

Transactions Advisory Services - TAS have a particularly exciting job of advising clients on when and how to buy, sell or merge companies in order to improve growth, competitiveness and profitability. TAS offers clients advice on how to make the best decision, working with companies from every sector, ranging in size from small and medium sized companies to large multinational tech companies. TAS supply the data, highlight the risk and guide the client through the potentially perilous forest of capital transactions.

Advisory - Advisory is the consulting branch of EY. Our clients rely on our Advisory team’s expert knowledge to advise on a broad range of issues across a variety of industries. We offer guidance to companies looking to grow or change, or improve performance. We help them to manage risk and solve complex problems. We inspire our clients with insightful business ideas and innovative thinking. Advisory is a fast-moving, high-growth area that reflects the challenges and uncertainty of today’s world.

Financial Services - Today’s market in financial services is global, constantly changing and highly regulated. It’s an industry that demands a dynamic approach to manage its uncertainties and opportunities. At EY, EMEIA Financial Services is an integrated team without boundaries between people, disciplines or geographies: naturally open to approaching issues from every angle. We quickly see the whole picture and deliver solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

​Why EY?

At EY, you can build one of the best foundations for a fulfilling and truly rewarding career. When you work at EY, you’ll be rewarded in all kinds of different ways: You’ll work with diverse people who come from all over the world and have a huge range of different backgrounds. They’ll encourage you to see things from different perspectives and show you alternative ways to approach problems. You’ll feel included. When you speak, you’ll be listened to. Of course, in return you’ll listen to and consider the opinions of others as well. It’s all part of examining the options as part of a team before deciding how to proceed. You’ll receive plenty of support and tangible rewards. We’re here to make sure you get the right experiences, support and coaching to excel in your chosen career. And we’ll make sure you’re properly rewarded and recognised.

​Hear from our team

"Whatever path you choose, and however long you stay here, a career in EY provides you with experiences that will truly last you a lifetime."

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There’s more to working at EY than a competitive salary and ergonomically designed swivel chairs. There’s also a whole host of goodies, that we call rewards and benefits. FlexEY is our flexible benefits scheme that allows you to take control of your benefits package and tailor it to suit your lifestyle and personal circumstances. Below are just a selection of the rewards and benefits we offer:

  • Free Gym Membership
  • 2 CSR days
  • Ability to buy up to 5 extra days holidays
  • Bonus scheme
  • Overtime
  • Pension Contribution
  • Discounted health insurance
  • Employee Referral Programme
  • Recognition awards
  • Travel Pass
  • Bike to work

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