At Falcon Social we help brands build outstanding customer relationships. Our platform provides a 360 view of your social marketing channels, teams and customer touchpoints. Everything is seamless and collaborative, so the entire organization can deliver the personalized experiences that today’s connected customer expects. You’ll love the beautifully intuitive interface, as well as our Falconeer dedication to service.


We launched in Copenhagen in 2010 under our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen and we’ve kept growing in vision, scope and numbers. Today we also have offices in New York City, Berlin and Budapest, and employees and customers from every corner of the globe.

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We value perspective over experience. With over 35 nationalities on staff, we make every effort to recruit the best employees from all over the world. It’s how we learn and grow. Our openness towards diversity is what makes working at Falcon Social so special; that and our love of clutter-free UI.

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