Based in sunny Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Fillit was founded in 2015 and went live in mid-July 2016. Since then our team has grown from two to eight and we've won and featured in numerous Start-Up awards (including Best Irish Startup). Our deadly team of do-ers is focused on creating the best product we can. As an agile, cross-functional team, everyone's input is important. We expect applicants to have a bold voice, as it will be critical to building Fillit's future.

Fillit's mission is to inspire people to Rethink Space. We're not simply about filling spaces, but we want to reimagine the the possibilities of commercial spaces. From shelves to ships, desks to diners, we help people find that perfect space for their idea, while promoting the potential of underutilised space.

Working at Fillit

  • The Fillit team has a bright, open studio in Dun Laoghaire, fitted with a modern cafe and cozy, creative meeting spaces. Exemplifying and embracing Fillit's shared-economy beliefs, we share our own space office with a creative agency. There's always an energetic buzz about the office.
  • Employees enjoy flexible work schedules, with accommodation for remote work. Teams meet several times each week in agile scrum pods, and stay in-sync using Slack and project management software. Members of our team collaborate from as far away as Galway and Australia.

Out Team

  • While core competencies of Fillit's team involve best-in-class subject matter experts from respective their fields, the Fillit team comes from various walks and industries. These industries include: advertising, commercial real-estate, video games, design, tech, radio and service.
  • Fillit welcomes diverse perspectives to the team, believing fundamentally that a team comprised of different backgrounds and experiences helps us build a better, more-customer focused platform.

Are you a bold voice, ready to take ownership of shaping Fillit's future? We're hunting for passionate, creative experts who have clear perspectives and ambitious visions.

Mission Statement — Rethink Space

At Fillit, we have a mission. That mission is simple, Rethink Space.

We firmly believe that the vast majorirty of space is being underused or completely wasted, as young businesses and individuals struggle to bring their ideas to life. We aim to fix this by empowering people with the tools and support they need to make the amazing happen.

As a result, we are aiming to destroy the outdates 'siloed' approach to space, which reduces the space’s potential and limits its use — we are rethinking the possibilities for every space.

What is Fillit?

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