Based in sunny Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Fillit was founded in 2015 and went live in mid-July 2016. Since then our team has grown from two to eight. We've won and featured in numerous start-Up awards and we are extremely focused creating the best product we can. We work as an agile and cross-functional team, everyone's input is important. Everyone has a voice on our team.

Fillit’s mission is to get people to Rethink Space, not just how space is used, but how it could be used. From shelves to ships, desks to diners, we help people find that perfect space for their idea, while helping those with extra or underutilised space to promote it to its full potential.

Mission Statement — Rethink Space

At Fillit, we have mission. That mission is simple, Rethink Space.

We aim to lead the charge on rethinking how space could be used. Breaking away from a silo-ed approach, that firmly places space in restricting categories, which both reduce the space’s potential but also limits those who are looking for great space— a great space is a great space.

We also aim to empower both landlords and tenants with the tools and support they need to find and book great spaces — and making the amazing happen.

What is Fillit?

What is Fillit and how does it work, simples...

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