Since its founding in Dublin in 1985, Fresca has been dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming dining experience to everyone who walks through our door. These principles combined with our delicious food and great service is the reason why is celebrating its 31st birthday this year! Our menu is always evolving and expanding with new dished to try and new flavours to discover. Exciting new specials and classic and American favourites. With a full menu including lighter fresher and healthier food with gluten free options and more customized.

A Taste of What we Do

A quick Q&A with the boss

What are the top 3 things you look for in Talent?

  1. Fluent English
  2. Clean well groomed appearance
  3. Min 3 years of relevant experience
  4. Honesty

What types of roles do you hire for?

  • Assistant Manager
  • Senior Chef with mediterranean and american experience.
  • Barista/ Bartender

What do people need to know about working with your Brand?

We really pride ourselves on the quality of the team and the reputation of our product. We look for people who will add to this reputation and take pride in being part of the team.

What is the best thing an applicant has done in or for an interview?

Arrived on time, well presented and being honest.

Describe your perfect applicant in 5 words or less.

Honest, well groomed, relevant experience, energetic, enthusiastic and english speaking.

Jobs at Fresca

We have no positions available right now

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