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HEADCASE ( are a Creative Media and Marketing supplier. We work for the best known brands, pr and media agencies in Ireland & UK, and are known as being one of the most creative suppliers in the industry. We are a small but highly creative & motivated team with a uniquely entrepreneurial culture.

  • We’re hands on: We work HARD
  • We LOVE what we do: We go after work & people that fit, and that share our passions.
  • We’re based in Dublin: Headcase HQ is Dublin 8 - but our influence & projects spread much farther



We work for, and partner with the country's best known brands, media buying & PR agencies. We have an in-house team operating in, and delivering the goods across our core areas.

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We're a team of proven, creative "entrepreneurs" (sp?) following the things we love and believe in. We've been incredibly fortunate to convince others to join us along the way. We're not afraid of dreaming up mad projects and seeing them through to fruition, and we've been the people behind, or a part of some things you probably know. We are founders of several first to market, globally reaching formats & services and are also part of the team of some successful, growing events & brands.

We've just celebrated 10 years of madness.

And we didn't plan on single bit of it...


We are a highly development-focused organisation - and have an exceptional track record in creating great, creative leaders.

Everyone at HEADCASE works hard, but everyone is given the best opportunities to develop within our culture and to succeed. If the above sounds good to you, and you are

1.) Hardworking 2.) Entrepreneurial 3.)Well Organised 4.) Sound 5.) Passionate about working in an area you love… then Headcase want to hear from you.


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Not your average employer… We’ve grown our business by seeking to work with great people who we get along with. And people who work hard & share the same values and passions as we do. It’s about cultural fit, drive / work ethic, & experience. As well as being sound!! We want to know about your interests & the things you love - becuase that’s what you will do better than anything else. So dont hold back.

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