Put simply, Huckletree is one of London's fastest growing coworking communities.

We realised the best way to stay inspired and motivated was to surround ourselves with people like us, people who know there's always something new to discover, to create. And so we've been building shared workspaces for a diverse mix of ambitious people like entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and creatives. These are people who don't settle for average. We call them The Curious.

This is a Community for the Curious.

We make room for the creative minds, the innovators, the problem solvers. We build the spaces where they come together. Where creativity meets talent and curiosity inspires innovation. This is more than a workspace, it’s a playground for the mind.

You’re working hard for something you believe in. Blend business and leisure, find balance. This is a place where you bring your whole self to work. We want to empower you to grow your business and your mind, even if that means one day you’ll outgrow us.

You're the Curious, the ambitious minds who want to make an impact. And finally you’ve found your place.

What's the Plan?

You've likely picked up on this by now; we're pretty keen to grow! In April, we launched our second space, in Shoreditch, which is seeing us scale our community from around 50 people to more than 500. This is allowing us to massively ramp up (pun intended, but you won't get it unless you dig a little deeper into that blog post) our efforts in events, partnerships and the calibre of startups that are getting involved in the community. It also means we've got the opportunity to build a team of clever people who want to carve out their niche and play a role in making one of London's fastest growing coworking communities thrive.

Our Locations - Huckletree Clerkenwell

It can be hard to find your community in a city as big as London so we've kept our flagship a small space, which we've always felt makes it more intimate. The space itself is flooded with natural light and feels like home.

Our Locations - Huckletree Shoreditch

There's something to be said for being in the middle of it all. Straddling London's tech and creative hubs, this is one of those areas where you'll even hear people talking about startups in local coffee shops. It's a smart space that breathes innovation and is designed with wellbeing in mind. You can even ride straight from the street into the building.

Jobs at Huckletree

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