Intense Communications is a multi-award winning marketing company founded in 2010. The company came from a need for a new innovative marketing company to supply multi-national companies with a constant stream of new customers. Specialising in customer acquisition, Intense Communications is going from strength to strength.

We’re looking for Brand Ambassadors to join our team!We’re a community of Brand Ambassadors who work alongside some of the biggest and best brands in Ireland and the UK and we’re currently looking to add to the team in Dublin!


Being prepared is essential

About Us

Specialising in customer acquisition, Intense Communications is going from strength to strength. The drop in marketing spends in Ireland has had a huge effect on the whole industry. The reason Intense Communications is excelling, where others are not, is due very much to their hands on approach, determination and problem solving ability. This has yielded enormous results for the clients and has built up an impressive portfolio of associates with whom the company is looking to expand even further.

​Company Timeline and Success to Date

July 2010 - Intense opened its first office in Dun Laoghaire

January 2011 - Relocated to new location in Talbot Street

June 2011 - Won New Marketing Company of the year (UK & Ireland)

November 2011 - Helped Sky reach 10 million customers

July 2013 - Opened our second location in Galway

October 2013 - Won Marketing Company of the year (Ireland)

October 2014 - Galway location won New Marketing Office of the Year (Ireland)

March 2015 - Opened our third location in Lille, France

​Work Culture

Our culture means everything. It's embodied by our core values and it's at the heart of our success. So, we are always on the look out for someone who matches these values. We invite you to look around our site, if you like what you see, then get in touch below. We'll give you a call and then take it from there.

Our people are our business. So if we really like you, we'll create space for you. It's a pretty big change from what you're used to, we get it. But hey, we're Intense Communications and we embrace change.

Whatever part you play, a role at Intense Communications will be demanding. But it also rewards original thinking, optimism and hard work. And none of us here would have it any other way. We feel all our roles embody what we like to call FEMP.

  • Fun - A fun environment creates better results
  • Education - Cycle of Development a world-renowned development system
  • Money - We want our people to achieve the lifestyle they desire
  • Progression - We believe in No Seniority, advancement is based on ability not on how long you are here.


Are you ambitious, driven and tenacious? If so, then the sky is the limit here for you at Intense Communications. The key to growth is creating more business leaders, not just cramming in more employees. We're always on the hunt for the next Company Director, someone inspiring and self motivated, who can lead by example. It's not just about a fancy CV or degree.

We'll give you the knowledge, exposure and tools you need to develop quickly. Possibilities of MD within a year seems unbelievable. It is, unless you've got a superior work ethic and the striking dedication to match. The sales training is seriously hardcore, but if you aspire for greatness.

We pride ourselves on our training culture here at Intense Communications. We guarantee that you'll learn valuable skills and gain real industry experience by working for us. Beware though, you will be required to actually work!

Educational Meetings

Award Ceremonies

Administration Team

The back end team of our business


Being prepared is essential

Educational Meetings

Award Ceremonies

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