Do you want to lead the building of services that actually impacts people's lives? You will be right at home at Uber. Our services provide both the business logic and UI for payments, city configuration, trip notifications, fare calculation, product configuration, etc. We're constantly learning about how to better adapt them to our rapidly evolving business environment while scaling out rapidly.

We're bringing Uber to every city in the world, and we need you to build the platform that will make that happen.


  • Recruit the most awesome engineers to your team.
  • Build insanely scalable services that support our business; for instance, handling and storing thousands of financial transactions per second.
  • Improve existing systems' performance, reliability, and scalability.
  • Design easy-to-use programmer interfaces and tools that will be leveraged by other developers. For example, working on our communications platform that powers all of our SMS, emails, push notifications, etc.
  • Define best practices, for example, how to apply the Uber style guide in a web based service.
  • Go deep into solutions for big challenges on projects and services.
  • Lead projects and teams to deliver large projects in small amount of time. Show the world how to change the old time - features - quality rule.
  • Work very closely with Product Managers and Designers to make sure what we build is truly Uber and world changing.


  • Autonomy. No matter your experience, you thrive on self-teaching and going out of your ways to remove any blocker along your path.
  • Adaptable: you can learn any stack and enjoy growing your skillset. You're up-to-date with the latest technical trends.
  • Technical: Deep technical expertise in implementation of Front End and/or Back End services - you will lead engineers, not watch them build.
  • Collaboration: you're a team player, always looking for opportunities to spread not only your own knowledge and experience but also motivate everybody else to do so as well.
  • Experience as Tech Lead on both short quick projects as well as 3-6 months projects.
  • Business and experience design acumen to understand requirements beyond the written word, designing flexible and simple models.
  • Motivator: Seek to understand the reasons anything you work on and get everybody else around you to understand it as well.
  • Is always looking to recruit awesome engineers and knows how to recognize one when you meet them.


The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We're not just another social Web app - we're creating jobs for real people, moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
Employees are showered with Uber credits.

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