Senior staff writer on Digital Arts at IDG UK

Salary: Competitive

Closing date for applications: 27th December 2017

The key job of a staff writer on Digital Arts is to write inspiring and informative stories that are of genuine benefit to professional creatives - whether to spark their next idea or to help develop their skills further.


Writing inspiring stories about cutting-edge creative projects – research by interviewing, reviewing documents and information available.

Interview leading creatives about how they make incredible things and push themselves further.

Researching and writing in-depth features about what matters most to our readers - from how to spark creativity to what to do if their work is ripped off to overviews of the latest tech that enables them to do their job better.

Creating and editing imagery for stories. Reviewing style and legality of the information included.

Presenting and helping produce video content

Promoting stories

Representing the brand at industry events

Working with other editorial teams to help them optimise their content for success on social media


The role requires an inside-out knowledge of the creative industries and the ability to interview leading creatives by email, Skype and in person – and bring out entertaining and informative commentary for stories.

A staff writer will have well-honed journalistic skills and a fluid writing style that can be both engaging and incisive, fun and sober as best suits the story.

They should be able to take part in video production – including presenting and conducting interviews on camera, and having input into direction and editing.

They should also have an instinct for the written and visual languages of social media, and be able to promote stories effectively to our over 450,000 social media followers. They should also be able to adapt to changes in how we produce stories due to market, readership and commercial changes.

As part of a diverse team, they should be able to work efficiently and effectively with other journalists across design and tech brands.

Some knowledge of how to use a CMS and Adobe Photoshop required.

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