Freelance Writer, Travel at Secret Escapes

The Media Team here at Secret Escapes are looking for a writer to support a new exciting project. You will write content for an Australian content guide to achieve our partner's goals and aspirations within tight deadlines (we have around 7 days). 

We will be creating a microsite to host inspiring content that gives a thorough guide to Australia and we need your help. 

We’ve done plenty of these before, here are some examples (though the structure of the content will inevitably be different). Pay particular attention to the tone of voice.

We’re the media team within Secret Escapes. Clients pay us to create creative marketing for their brands, aimed at our members. From tourist boards to lifestyle brands, they see the value in our large membership who are proven to make luxury purchases. It is important to remember that our tone of voice, the way we speak to our members, remains consistent – because we know the best way to engage our audience.

The client's key message is that Australia is the destination for a two-week holiday. They believe people see Australia as a once-in-a-lifetime destination and would like to change this mindset - more akin to how people think about America. A big airline would also like to be seamlessly integrated as the best option for completing such a break. Your introduction should meet these key aims and introduce the partnership with the airline in a non-jarring way

Job description

Are you an experienced wordsmith with a passion for travel, an eye for detail, an issue with poor grammar and a great sense of humour (without breaking the unwritten codes of taste and decency)? Tick those boxes and we’re interested.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or related field
  • Experience writing for the web

Your characteristics

  • Commercial awareness
  • An ability to write in our house style
  • Enthusiastic and driven
  • Impeccable attention to detail and ninja-like accuracy and speed
  • Innovative, creative and imaginative
  • Grammar nerd
  • Customer-focused and commercially aware


Given the volume of applications we receive, we’d like people to go the extra mile with this one. So, along with sending us your CV, cover letter and samples of your work, 

So, to sum up, what we’d need is:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Have a read through the microsite examples above and draft up your introduction for the Australia microsite in 350 words
  • Links or attachments with relevant examples of your work
  • Please also let us know your availability