Share the wisdom you come across in life and online for future generations

If we asked you to tell us the most important life lessons your grandparents learned in their lifetime, would you know?

While some of you are privileged enough to have this information, most of the wisdom and life experiences our ancestors and older generations acquired in their lifetimes is lost in memory and will never be shared with future generations.

About Legaats

Legaats is a web app for people to build out their digital "legacies" in the form of collections of wisdom. Each user builds his/her own collections of curated wisdom and has the option to do so privately or publicly.

Private collections are meant to be shared in intimate groups such as families, close friends, support groups, among others, while public collections are meant to be shared as wisdom you are contributing to our community and to the world so that others can learn from your experiences.

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We will regularly feature community members providing wisdom, and sharing ideas.

This will provide a great insight into our culture and what we are trying to build.

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One of our current discussion themes is titled 'What I would tell my kids about........'

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