As a business intelligence services firm, Lovelytics uses Tableau and data as a means of providing clients with a better understanding of their business data to make smarter decisions. Lovelytics provides top data architecture and Tableau talent, which bridges the gap between the best data architecture and Tableau talent with business users who need help better understanding their data.

Our goal is to make dashboards that help translate the complicated material into the simple. Staying true to our name, Lovelytics, we shorten complex data into understandable mash-ups that simplify information. With data architecture and modeling being the backbone of any analytics project, we’re constantly driven to put your data in the simplest form that exists. We believe that is vital in today’s world, where big data can feel often feel ominous and confusing.


"I have learned a lot in the few months I have been at Lovelytics from both team members and organized training. Our culture promotes efficient working, a flexible work schedule, and a great work-life balance. I love to travel, so the flexible work schedules and vacation policy vacation policy is great for me" - Michael


Why is the work we do important?

*In today's world, the companies who have the best data and the fastest insights win. At Lovelytics, we help companies win. We provide them with an organized data environment, instant access to all of their data, reduce the manual data organization that consumes our clients time, and provide intuitive Tableau dashboards.

*The business world is evolving and we help clients with the change to a more data-driven culture

*The Lovelytics Team makes us unique. We employee team members who out-hustle the competition, can develop innovate and creative solutions, and provide top-level customer support to our clients.


"Within my first week at Lovelytics, I had a meeting with my manager to discuss my aspirations and goals, which was followed by a plan to get me there. The founders and managers are approachable, willing to listen to new ideas from everyone, and money and time behind those employee ideas." - Lax, Data Science


Perks and benefits

*Unlimited paid time off with a minimum amount of days employees must use each year
*Brand new office space in the heart of Rosslyn in Arlington, VA with both indoor and outdoor working space
*100% charity donation matching
*Healthcare coverage
*Frequent out-of-office company outings
*Client travel opportunities
*Transportation benefits, including an Arlington Bike Share subscription and pre-tax SmartTrip contributions
*Performance bonuses


Our Ideal Candidate

*Positive attitude coupled with excellent communication skills
*Entrepreneurial spirit to find creative client and internal solutions
*Self-motivated to provide superior solutions and disrupt the status quo
*Willingness to travel to customer sites
*Not afraid to voice opinions about improving methodologies and processes
*Able to receive and provide constructive criticism
*Great with people and a natural leader


What We Promise Our Employees

*A workplace where you are encouraged to challenge the status quo and develop new technologies, methodologies, and processes
*The ability to work closely with companies of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 to small local businesses
*A diverse team consisting of data gurus, experience seekers, and entrepreneurial spirits
*A positive, playful, and challenging work environment
*Equal pay and opportunity for all employees
*Exciting projects in varying departments and verticals across the country


Our Values

Don't Confuse Movement With Progress - Working smart at Lovelytics is about being efficient, accurate, and productive. Lovelytics promotes efficiency and accuracy over a number of hours in the office. We trust our employees will complete all of their tasks to be the best of their ability, be readily available to clients, and attend all meetings without strict hours guidelines.

Pull Others Up - Lovelytics is comprised of employees with varying skill sets and experience levels. The key to our company’s growth is sharing the wisdom of the Lovelytics team with each other. Once you understand a topic, reach back, and pull other employees up to your level. Be proactive about promoting your expertise within the organization!

Be Entrepreneurial - Lovelytics was built on entrepreneurship and differentiating itself from other service partners. That entrepreneurial spirit should never be limited to only the founders. If you are passionate about a new service offering or product idea for Lovelytics, present it to the team, gain approval, and pursue it!


Career development and Learning opportunities

*At Lovelytics, you will be working and learning with other data fanatics, entrepreneurial individuals, and problem-solvers.
*Annual training budget for each employee to further their current skills and learn new ones.
*Work closely with Tableau, Alteryx, and data experts on your team.
*Ability to lead projects and learn on-the-job.
*Lovelytics is young and fast-moving. This allows our employees to carve their own path and progress quickly through the company.
*Lovelytics revolves around goal-setting, both short and long-term to ensure the aspirations of all our employees are known and a plan can be put in place to achieve them.

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