In the United States, we're facing an extreme problem with pet abandonment. Of the over 160 million household pets in the US, 1 in 20 end up in shelters, meaning that there are animals sent to a shelter every 8 seconds. By the end of 2015, more than 6 million pets are expected to enter shelters, 3 to 4 million of which will eventually be euthanized - that's 1 in 2 sheltered pets.

At Loyal Friend, we're working to fight these numbers and ensure the safety and comfort of pets all over the world.

Loyal Friend are looking for a talented Business Development Executive to join their New York team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about Business Development, experience is preferable, and of course - passionate about dogs!

​Our Mission
Loyal Friend is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality dog care products and pet supplies. We make sure that our pet care products are pet-friendly, human-friendly, eco-friendly, and affordable.

We Care
Just as dog owners are committed to their most loyal friends, we are committed to being a loyal friend and benefactor to animals in need. We take dog care, and all animal welfare, very seriously, and know that our customers love animals just as much as we do. They can take great comfort and pride in the fact that when they buy a Loyal Friend pet product, a portion of every sale goes to help needy animal shelters. We support animal shelters all over the country, with both monetary and product donations.

​Our Promise
As we continue to expand our product line, we will bring practical, helpful, and affordable solutions to pet owners who value quality, environmental responsibility, and the protection of animals. Just like a loyal friend, we will stand by our customers, their pets, and all animals in need.

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Our Office
We're based in the heart of Times Square, New York City. Aside from the amazing location, here are some of the benefits of being part of the LOYAL FRIEND team:High Speed InternetLounges so you work and relax Micro-Roasted Coffee on the house Purified Water on the house Unique Interior Design Weekly Events with food and drinks

Our Blog
Catch up on our latest news here...

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