Customer facing technology to enhance the relationship between business & consumer

Our mission is to bring effective and easy-to-use customer-facing technology to businesses worldwide. With more than four years of continuous development and expertise, we provide industry-leading software, supported by quality Customer Success to help our customers get the best results out of their LoyLap Subscription.

If you’re passionate about business, technology, marketing, or even all three, we’d love to hear from you!

Be Significant

Anything we can automate, we will, so rest assured that your role will add real, significant value to our customers. Whether you’re a skilled salesperson or a code legend, at LoyLap you’ll learn how to leverage the intricate connection between developing a quality product and selling it to customers.

Who are we?

Act when you’re most creative

Creativity is a fickle mistress, so LoyLap won’t restrict you to the typical 9-to-5 desk hours. There’s no set time to come to the office; any time between 8:30 and 12 works just fine.

Head’s just not in it today? Go home and start fresh tomorrow. No-one will stand over you to watch the clock, because we believe that people work best when they’re free to do what they do best. If you get a grand idea at 1am, send it to the ideas wall right away, and the team will be ready to pick it up in the morning.

Be yourself!

Innovation is driven by diversity, so the last thing we want is a company of people who all act the same. If you’re an introvert, we recognize and understand that. When you come talk to us, simply be yourself; it’s more likely we’ll want to hire the real you than the persona you think we might like.

Realise the direct impact of your work

When you work for us, you’ll also be working directly with our customers to help their business succeed.

Whether a café in London, a pharmacy in Donegal, or a restaurant in San Francisco, you’ll be engaging with real business owners, and the recognition will come not only from your teammates at LoyLap, but also from the businesses who truly appreciate all the hard work you do for them.

Jobs at LoyLap

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