We Love Hotels.

Focused exclusively on the hotel sector, Net Affinity has collated the brightest, most commercially focused, experienced and passionate team of online marketers, account managers, designers and developers whose combined skill set ensures our clients online success and continued growth. Our team is friendly & warm, with a natural hospitality flair.

Our team has a huge variety of talent and skills - we work with independent hotels to provide them with our stellar booking engine, cutting-edge digital marketing services, and bespoke website designs. However, we have one thing in common: hotels are where our heart is. While hospitality experience is not a must, most of our team has first-hand experience working in the hospitality industry, which gives us the expertise to relate to our clients in a strong, personal way.

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A Look At Our Team

Here are a few of the personalities that make up our award-winning team:

  • Digital marketers who are passionate about their work, and love staying up to date on cutting edge CRO techniques and tools. Independent hotels - our primary clients - can range from running one campaign a year to six at once, and have interests from email marketing to retargeting. Our team is ready and willing to help them create their perfect online presence.
  • Web designers who love design, and understand that merging form with function is one of the most important aspects of any hotel website. We design bespoke website for our clients, so creativity and flexibility are key traits for our designers. Our web design team wins prizes for every bespoke site we create, because we love our work.
  • Account managers who enjoy talking to people, are warm and relatable, and knowledgeable about the hospitality industry. Our account managers are the first point of contact our clients, so it's important that they understand the needs and wants of independent hoteliers.
  • Web developers who are responsible for our industry-leading hotel booking engine. Our booking engine is optimised for conversion: it's designed to help hotel guests check availability and rates easily and to make a booking in as few steps as possible.Developed over several years, our developers have exercised creative solutions, strong coding skills and knowledge of what makes a booking engine great - simplicity - to give our clients the best possible product.

Net Affinity's 15th Birthday

We recently celebrated our 15th birthday. Check out the celebration!

Our Core Values

  • Respect: To have the utmost respect for one another

  • Honesty: To build trust by communicating openly and honestly

  • Creativity: To encourage creativity, innovation and lateral thinking

  • Teamwork: To promote team collaboration & a positive approach to challenges

  • Fun: To embrace social interaction and active participation

  • Support: To support personal growth and appreciate self-direction

  • Commitment: To be passionate about our work and committed to our goals

  • Excellence: To strive for service and operational excellence

  • Loyalty: To demonstrate our loyalty to our team, our company and our brand

  • Integrity: To act with integrity in all that we do

We Take Care of Our Team

Here at Net Affinity, we believe in taking care of each other, working as a team, and having fun together. If you come on board, here are just a few of the rewards we offer:

Treats & Perks:

  • TGIF: Fridays are a special time, and we don't want to ignore that. Dress code is casual and we finish up a little early to help get the weekend started.
  • Birthday Bonus: Happy birthday from us! We want you to enjoy your special day. So, to get your celebrations off to an early start, enjoy a half day leave from work on us.
  • Net Affinity Birthday: Happy Net Affinity birthday! As a thank you for your loyalty and commitment, we invite you to celebrate your work anniversary with us by enjoying a half day leave from work on your Net Affinity commencement date.
  • Loyalty Programme: Thank You! Your support and years of dedicated service with us is very much appreciated. To show you just how much, we are rewarding you with additional annual leave days depending on your years of service with us.
  • Refreshments: A working day goes by much more smoothly with a refreshing cup of tea or freshly brewed gourmet coffee. So please enjoy a Nespresso coffee or an organic herbal tea any time you like - on us.


  • Pizza Friday: On the last Friday of every month, we all come together for a chance to catch up, unwind, share our successes of the month and enjoy a few slices of pizza and cold beers.
  • Summer Party: The annual Net Affinity Summer Party is a chance to enjoy the good weather, unwind, chill out and party the night away till the wee hours.

  • Quarterly Social Events: The Net Affinity ‘Fun Committee’ are dedicated to organising quarterly fun filled social events for us all to enjoy - be it after work meals, drinks or fun activities.

Employee Well Being:

  • Healthy Eating: Fresh fruit and healthy snacks are provided to help you on your way to “5 a day”. So, instead of reaching for that chocolate bar, grab a piece of fresh fruit to cure that afternoon lull.
  • Health & Exercise Team: We have a dedicated Health & Exercise Team at Net Affinity dedicated to helping us all get healthy and active throughout our working day. From delicious healthy lunch ideas to a variety of walking trails for you to discover during your lunch hour, the team is here to get Net Affinity fit and healthy.

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Net Affinity's 15th Birthday

We recently celebrated our 15th birthday. Check out the celebration!

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