Neuxpower makes simple effective software to shrink the files that Zip can't. Over 2 million people worldwide use NXPowerLite Desktop to reduce the size of their email attachments, and over 500 companies already use NXPowerLite for File Servers to proactively manage storage growth.

We are headquartered in London, UK and are lucky enough to have fantastic partners representing us in over 75 countries.

What We Do
Born from an inability to email a 20mb PowerPoint file in 2001, NXPowerLite was our attempt to create a tool that would shrink hefty presentation files that WinZip couldn't.
We built something that genuinely works and we found ourselves swept along with a tide of customers like PepsiCo, Nike and the US DoD who were suddenly beating a path to our door.
2 million users later we've realised that our core technology has great potential beyond the desktop. We're taking our ethos of simple effective software combined with our proven core technology to create new solutions to simplify IT management.

​Work Culture
We are a small growing team of smart, driven people who take ownership of creating and promoting truly great products that people love. Complex problems inspire us to create simple and effective solutions with software solutions that actually solve the root problem.
We don't go in for politics or petty office squabbles, we focus on getting things done while having some fun along the way. We strive to be open and honest in all our dealings with each other, our partners and customers. We have a clear plan and growth strategy to 24 people with many opportunities to learn and grow within our team.Inspired by 'Why work sucks and what to do about it', we give our team members ownership and responsibility for when and where they work, focusing on results rather than time in the office.

Our London office

Our London office

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