UNPARALLELED SCIENCE-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS FOR OPTIMIZING ATHLETE PERFORMANCE: uniquely blending Data Science and Sports Science to generate customized indicators of injury, optimal training load and recovery strategies.

From our offices in Boston, LA, London and Galway, Ireland, Orreco is changing the way professional and Olympic athletes optimize their performance. We lead the world in applying Sports Science and Data Analytics to reduce injury risk, accelerate recovery and prolong careers. We work with the best of the best including Olympians, PGA golfers, US pro franchises across the leagues as well as F1 drivers and UK Premier League teams.

About Us

Our Beginnings

Inspired by a love of sport and a fascination with what drives performance in athletes, Orreco was founded in 2009 by Dr. Brian Moore and Dr. Andrew Hodgson. Their goal then and now is to use proven sports and data science to enable elite athletes to consistently perform at their very best.

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