POPertee is an online marketplace connecting brands with spaces allowing them to have a physical presence for their business quickly and cost effectively.

What is POPertee?

POPertee is reinventing the rules of next gen POP UP!

POPertee is an online marketplace connecting brands with spaces. Our platform offers a selection of amazing spaces allowing a brand to choose their preferred space and book it directly with us. POPertee makes the process quick and easy by taking the pain out of legal and insurance requirements. We are disrupting the retail market by allowing brands to have a physical presence quicker than ever before.


POPertee works in a shared working space in The Digital Hub in Dublin city centre. We share a warehouse office space with other start up companies so there is a great buzz in the office.

The Digital Hub

What to expect

POPertee is a fast moving and exciting start up. We are moving fast so each day working at POPertee can be different. Our team is so important and finding the right people is crucial! As well as looking for people who excel in their area, we love to give everyone the opportunity to work in all areas of the business and develop their skills.

Jobs at POPertee

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