Secret Escapes operates in 21 countries worldwide and is the UK’s biggest members-only website that runs best-in-market flash sales of four-and five-star hotels and holidays. We offer our members exclusive rates of up to 70% off.

We’re inspiring the world to escape by striving to be the worlds biggest and best source of great value travel inspiration.

Perks and Quirks

  • Perks: There are many perks while working at Secret Escapes. If you fancy putting a bit of cash away for when you are old and beautifully grey, our pension scheme will help. We work hard, however everyone is entitled to 25 days of holiday, so you can get out there and do whatever you love – rest, re-energise, rave. Our kitchens are also fully stocked with yoghurt, cereals, bread, bagels, English muffins, fruit, as well as the fizzy drinks fridge. In addition, we like our staff to have a taste of the high life as our customers do, so make the most of the 20% staff discount when booking through the Secret Escapes website.
  • Quirks: Our Secret Escapes hoodies are the envy of any new starter elsewhere - true story - and you’ll receive yours during your first week at work. Each area of the office has the option of having music playing in the background, so whether it’s Celine Dion or Oasis you fancy, you have the chance to hear your faves. You can also bring your hobbies to work from joining our indulgent bake club to playing in our 5-a-side football team (move over Messi) . Themed meeting rooms mean you could be overlooking the Eiffel Tower, be transported to a cosy ski lodge in Iceland (complete with fur rugs), or kicking back on our La-Z-Boy chairs in the USA.

Games and Parties

  • ‘All work and no play’ is not a concept we promote! Ping Pong, PlayStation, table football and weekly board game evenings means there are lots of opportunities to take a break and have fun with your colleagues. We want our teams to have great working relationships, and what better way to build these than in our games room. A game of Pac-Man, anyone?
  • Summer parties, Christmas parties, quarterly results celebrations and Friday night drinks at our Tiki Bar (don’t let the Tiki Bar sway you, too much…) adds up to plenty of partying. We love getting to know one another better, not to mention finding out who will bag the Best Dancer Award!

Staff Awards

Staff awards and recognition are an important part of working at Secret Escapes. Our regular hero awards mean achievements and the completion of important projects don’t go unnoticed. These heroes are recognised at our company gatherings, like the end of quarter meetings and the Christmas party. Alongside these achievement awards, we also like to make sure we are having fun in the office and awards for the messiest desk, the most sporty or best dressed person etc, are also up for grabs

An Introduction

Before starting Secret Escapes, we wondered why booking a holiday always felt like hard work – the price comparisons, the awful early morning flights just to get the best price, the huge range of possible hotels, both good and bad. Travel is, and should be, exciting – and booking a holiday should be a stress-free experience. That’s what we set out to achieve, and it is the philosophy that drives us on. We want to inspire people to escape, and we do so with amazing images, sharp, accessible writing, exciting destinations and unbeatable prices.

We already have more than 31 million members worldwide and a social-media following the size of a small country, and you can now find us everywhere from Spain to the US, from Sweden to Italy, Poland and Norway, from Germany to Switzerland, and elsewhere too. Founded in 2011, we’re (over 400 of us globally) doing big things fast and it’s all very exciting.

Our Tech and Editorial blogs give you an insight into some of the key areas that make us what we are. Have a read about our CSR commitments to see what good souls we are too… even if we do say so ourselves.

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