With great passion, the sisters develop new designs within their product categories, e.g. interior design, stationery, gift wrapping, crafts, kitchen goods and toys for children. The stores receive a wealth of new products every week, and many of these items are only sold for shorter periods of time. Variety is the spice of life,

Common to all products is an elegant and feminine expression that brings beauty to everyday life, while the prices are always kept at a reasonable level. To Anna and Clara, it is important that customers feel that they have found a bargain.

About us

Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain of franchise stores, internationally known for their distinctive designs, dynamic assortments with varying items, and their reasonable prices. The brand is centered around the tale of the two founding Grene sisters: the ever-creative Anna and the detail-oriented Clara. These two respectable, aged women inspire creativity, playfulness and curiosity in their special world of sensory inputs, classical music and traditional virtues.

Søstrene Grene’s unique store concept originally builds on inspiration from Mediterranean market squares where commodities are sold in a wonderful world of colours, scents and sensory atmosphere. The spirit of this world is what the company successfully has brought into the stores only to spice it up with high quality and original designs at affordable prices.
The family-owned company started with a single store in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1973 and today, Søstrene Grene has more than 100 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Iceland, France and now Ireland.

Core drivers

Curiosity – we explore and uncover in a world where new things happen every week. Playfulness – we find endless possibilities and joy in the every day. Creativity – we believe that even the smallest thing can become something wonderful. Aesthetics – we pursue that which is beautiful.

More than just a store

Søstrene Grene takes part in creative and innovative collaborations with bloggers and customers, exploring creative ways of using products. More specifically, Søstrene Grene aspires to introduce customers to the creativity and curiosity of their world in order to make them play along.

Jobs at Søstrene Grene

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