At Sporty Getaways, we strive to help companies create a team building culture to ensure that your business grows and progresses. Companies with knowledge of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses have much higher retention rates and also higher profitability rates as a result of maximizing the employees’ productivity. Employees will be much more invested and engaged in their respective positions to fully unleash their potentials to grow the companies. We help companies achieve this ideal workplace through a combination of physical and experiential (mental) exercises to bring out the hidden talent of each team member. We can quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of each member in your team, report on the characteristics of the team member, what the individual can do to fit in and how to deal with conflict should it arise. By utilizing tools to understand individuals with differing characteristics and behaviors, conflict resolution will be easy and seamless.

Working with us

As part of our team, our beautiful office is in the bustling heart of Manhattan, in a WeWork shared office. This would allow you to work in a peaceful an relaxing environment, where you can network with other exciting companies and startups.

You would also be provided with free food and drinks, so that you don’t need to worry about the hassle of the lunchtime rush.

Alternatively, you would also be free to work from home, depending on your preference.

Perks and Benefits

  • High Commissions & Quick Pay
  • Company dinners and group trips
  • Casual days
  • No cap on commissions earned!
  • Career advancement almost guaranteed!


Jobs at Sporty Getaways

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