Established in 2013 Symbiosys allows entrepreneurs to make their ideas come to life, and businesses to implement their digital transformation plans. We design solutions that make interactions easier while enhancing the overall performance.

Some cool products we've built!


  • Office located downtown near Guy Concordia
  • Coworking space: meet new people everyday
  • Fresh coffee for free
  • Big meeting spaces and conference rooms
  • Other services: wifi, printer, fridge, microwave etc.

Events at Symbiosys

We have a lot of fun together, come join us ;)

Why you should work with Symbiosys

  • Growing company
  • Direct interaction with clients (B2B and B2C markets)
  • Young and dynamic team
  • Internal promotion opportunities
  • Working on internal projects
  • Friday's "Symbiosys lunch"
  • Paid STM pass
  • Networking and corporate events

Jobs at Symbiosys solutions inc.

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