The gibson hotel is modern yet comfortable, it's striking but secure, it's different and it's better, it's large, it's friendly and it's a building that is alive with great people from the moment you set foot until the moment you leave.

Where are we?

Adjacent to the 3Arena and a Luas light rail stop in the upbeat Dublin Docklands area, this trendy glass-clad hotel is 1 block from the River Liffey and 1.5 km east of the city centre.

We do sleeping, meeting, dining, gigging, touring, wedding and relaxing really really well.

We mix all these things with a fresh, energetic, slightly off centre approach and we know it works. Exhibitions, supporting local artists, urban weddings and the odd celebrity are elements of what makes us different to the normal Dublin Hotel. You will find our staff friendly, responsive and happy - there is a secret to this that we can't possibly share.

Just one of Many of our Meeting Suites!

With enviable views of Dublin Port and the Wicklow Mountains, the Cordoba Suite oozes luxurious hospitality, perfect for entertaining guests before heading out into the city.

Our Artist in Residence Yearly Event!

Now in its second year, the Gibson Hotel's annual Artist in Residence programme seeks to rejuvenate the often neglected urban docklands surrounding the Point Village in Dublin. We love getting creative in the gibson. One of our favourite things to do is to add new artwork to the hotel each year.

Our Anthem!

Rock the Industry by doing it better!

Our Values

At the gibson, everything we say and do is anchored in our core values - Fun, Confident, Different, Caring/Friendly. Think about an Apple iPod. What makes it so cool? It's not just the iPod itself - it's the slick packaging, the amazing design, the innovative on-line support, the cool advertising its about making you feel that your part of some exclusive club when you buy it. And that's how we make our guests feel every day. By bringing our core values into every aspect of our job, we can give them a truly memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more.


We like to express ourselves but we know our boundaries too. We enjoy our job and we want the guests to feel we do too. Optimistic, upbeat, warm and friendly, sometimes tongue in cheek - incorporating these characteristics into everything we do will make our guests feel relaxed too.


Confident means knowing our stuff - the Hotel, our City, our guests - likes and dislikes, what the latest new wine is from our Wine Wall. We want our staff to anticipate, surprise and be right. Find out how they like their coffee and make sure it's ready for them when they sit down to breakfast. Know who plays drums in the band playing that night in the O2.


Different means promising exceptional service and actually delivering! That means eye contact, knowing our guests names, anticipating their needs and most of all learning all the different elements in every area of our hotel that make us stand out from the rest.


We listen, we accommodate, we help. We look at ways to make things better. We nurture a sense of belonging and familiarity. We are upbeat, warm, polite and friendly and always respectful. We make our guests feel calm and at ease in a discreet and understated way. We smile, we know our guests names, we never say "no".

Diversity, Support and Learning Environment!

We want our people to love working together at the gibson and so we actively nurture and encourage a culture of support and learning for all.

We strive to provide a great working environment through mutual respect (through our diversity programme, face to face communication, a non-blame culture and a team member recognition programme, and promoting a culture of support and learning (provision of cultural packs, benefits programme, wellness programme, annual social events, training, development and promotion of our team and more).

We give back to the Community!

We want to have fun but we need to understand our responsibilities too. Being responsible is vital to the future success of our Hotel, the Local Community and the Environment around us. With this in mind, we expect our people to take pride and ownership in everything they do.

That means understanding the importance of driving sales, safeguarding profit for reinvestment and cost savings. It also means getting actively involved in the Community through donating time to assist local community initiatives, fundraising, getting involved in local issues etc. Environmental responsibility means getting involved at grass roots level through the Green Team and GHA programme, Repak and implementing the latest Energy Savings technology.

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