Bar Staff at The Gate Restaurant in London, United Kingdom

We are looking for a friendly and welcoming bar staff to join our growing Team!

About the Role:

As a bar person your main duties would include:

  • serving customers with drinks
  • collecting payment and operating the till
  • Taking orders for diners to be served at the bar.

You may also create cocktails for customers and, during busy periods, you may help serve hot and cold food.

You would be responsible for keeping the bar area clean and well stocked, which would involve:

  • washing glasses
  • storing empty bottles
  • Stock rotation using (FIFO)
  • Cellar management – ensuring the cellar is clean and tidy at all times
  • clearing and cleaning tables and the bar regularly.

A key role would be in creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and talking with customers

Any other reasonable duties as requested by the Owner

About The Gate Restaurant

The Gate was established in 1989 by Michael and Adrian Daniel, brothers with an Indo-Iraqi heritage who wanted to recreate the diverse flavours and culinary experiences they had enjoyed as children, eating food with Arabic, Indian and Jewish influences. We started with passion and creativity and we maintain that passion and creativity today. Originally opening in Hammersmith, we have successfully launched other branches in Islington and most recently Marylebone in December 2016.

Join The Gate Family

  • The cooking at the Gate reflects the diverse cultural background in which we grew up – what one might call Indo-Iraqi Jewish. Our grandmothers blended Indian and Arabic cuisines with traditional Jewish food.
  • It seemed perfectly natural that we should apply the same principles at the restaurant. The food we serve is the food of our childhood, modulated by French and Italian influences. When we opened the Gate, we had had no formal training and knew nothing about running a restaurant – we were just a couple of guys who knew what we liked to eat – but we knew that food was sacred and should be celebrated.
  • At the restaurant we try to do just that: celebrate the food. This means, amongst other things, that we source our ingredients with care; we intensify flavour by careful cooking and by combining ingredients in unexpected ways. We try to make our dishes as visually pleasing as possible; and we try and do this in a fun and relaxed way.
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