Office Manager / Talent Coordinator at Thread in London, United Kingdom

We’re looking for an Office Manager / Talent Coordinator to take ownership of our office and make it an amazing place to work and visit. Beyond that, you will help us with building our team by creating wonderful candidate experiences and assisting on mission critical projects for our Talent team. The positive impact of your work will affect every single member of our team, and help convince potential candidates to join us. We see you as a multiplier - by using your emotional intelligence and organisational skills, you will amplify the happiness and effectiveness of those around you.

This role will be based in our Whitechapel headquarters and report to our Head of Talent.We're looking for a full-time Office Manager / Talent Coordinator to help us create an amazing work environment and incredible experiences for our candidates and employees

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handling day-to-day office administration and managing external relationships with our vendors and neighbours
  • Making sure our office is well-stocked, well laid-out, tidy and beautiful
  • Warmly welcoming candidates, investors and visitors to the office
  • Purchasing food and supplies, and staying one step ahead on predicting what we’ll need
  • Coordinating lunch for the team three days a week. We love our food!
  • Scheduling onsite interviews for candidates and helping to provide them with a world-class experience when they are in our office
  • Coordinating the details for new hire onboarding and making sure your new teammates have a wonderful first few weeks at Thread
  • Event planning for full team outings like our Christmas party or biannual offsite where we talk about how to work better together
  • Assisting with ad hoc Talent projects

Are you the One? You are if you...

  • Are warm and friendly, and naturally prefer working in team environments
  • Get a kick from organising a cupboard or making a prioritised to-do list
  • Are thoughtful and considerate, always looking out for how to create optimal experiences for those around you
  • Always strive to make your work and your environment better than it was before
  • Like staying organised and multi-tasking, and approach your work with speed and efficiency
  • Care about details, and go out of your way to put the final touch on your projects
  • Have great taste and a flair for interior design. You’ve received more than one compliment on that new vase!
  • Are a strong communicator, and are equally effective face-to-face or in writing
  • Are extremely reliable and take the initiative — you deal with things before being asked because you love making things better
  • Have previous experience in office management, recruiting coordination or event planning

​Thread Culture and Values

As a team we’re extremely focused on culture and values. They drive everything about how we operate.

Our values are:

  • User experience obsessed
  • Uncomfortably fast
  • Extreme clarity
  • Candour
  • Relentless self-iteration
  • Act like an owner
  • Enjoy the journey together

We anchor the company around these principles, and go much further than most companies, as building a strong, excellence-focused culture is one of the primary reasons our founders decided to start a company together.

As an example, we have a company-wide retrospective each week to discuss whether we’re getting stronger or weaker at living them, and regularly put time into projects that help us get stronger.

Building an environment that allows talented people the freedom to achieve excellence is something we think deeply about.

​​Perks and Benefits

  • The chance to solve hard problems in a fast growing business, providing an unrivalled opportunity to develop your skillset
  • The opportunity to become recognised as one of the best in your field through being a core operator for a high-profile startup
  • Be part of a values-led team that are working hard to create one of the highest quality cultures in the world. Learn more about how we’re doing this in our culture deck
  • Gain first-hand experience of how to start, grow, market and raise funding for startups (perhaps useful for your own company one day)
  • Free team lunches four times a week, drinks and snacks together as a company on Fridays, monthly company trips to fun things like comedy shows, choose your own work equipment, unlimited vacation time
  • A competitive salary and a generous equity stake in the company (you're working hard to make the company successful, so we believe you should share generously in the reward!)

​What we stand for

For the founders of Thread, this isn’t our first startup. We previously built two companies to millions of customers and successful acquisition. This time, however, we’re working on building a long-term, enduring company that we hope will acquire others one day, rather than be acquired ourselves.

As a business there are three things we believe matter:
1) Crafting a transformational user experience
2) Assembling a team of the most talented people in the world
3) Building a strong, vibrant culture focused on excellence