Unito is a young startup, so if you’re looking to build something you’ll be proud of, then you’ll fit right in! We’re also funded, generating revenues, and like to think we’ve got the strongest team in town...

We believe in distributing responsibility and full transparency: we have no hierarchy, yet we’re highly organized. We’re a diverse team of young and hungry members, combined with experienced leaders. We value flexibility and autonomy, whether it’s working remotely or family-friendly hours (we've got kids of our own, we know what it involves...).

We’re looking for those who will shape Unito and take pride in it!

How does Unito work?


Sync projects 2-way across apps so that everyone can collaborate without barriers and get things done.


No more status meetings. Never wonder what’s going on with a project. Nothing falls through the cracks. It’s better work. Together.


You don’t need another task tracking tool. Think of us as an “untool” that gets out of the way so your whole team sees the big picture.


Sync tasks, issues, epics across tools. Sync comments, attachments, labels, tags, and anything you can imagine any way you want.



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