Job description

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU APPLY - To apply teachers must be certified to teach and have a minimum 2 years of teaching experience. Candidates who do meet these minimum requirements will not be considered. Hint, hint - Kuwait is not as strict with these requirements.


Now that we've gotten the important information out of the way, let's hear about this awesome job opportunity. The job is located in the one of the coolest cities in the Persian Gulf (depending on who you ask). It has a thriving 24-hour nightlife, food choices from all over the world, movie theatres and so much shopping you'll wonder what it was like before there was shopping - was there really anything before shopping, maybe it was called a Souk or a Bazaar - who really knows (I suggest you investigate once you're there).

If you guessed Abu Dhabi you guessed correctly. If you said Dubai, go to jail, do not collect $200 and either roll doubles or use a get out of jail free card.

I reference monopoly as you'll get a heaping dose of buildings both large and small that come in all insane levels of opulence. Don't fall over looking all the way up into the sky to see the top of the buildings in this bustling metropolis of Abu Dhabi.

This my friends is beautiful, modern and amazing Abu Dhabi.

If you're not sold yet on Abu Dhabi as the place to teach, I don't know what else is going to sell you. Maybe you weren't cutout for all this and prefer the quiet charm of a small town in some rural backwater of America. If you want something more...heed my advice and make your next teaching stop in Abu Dhabi.

What you'll be doing...

  • Teach at a world class British K - 12 school
  • Use British curriculum (Put your hands up in the air if you like teaching British curriculum - I sure do)
  • Teaching students weekly from Sunday - Thursday

Show Me the Money

  • Since this is a volunteer position you won't be paid. They do offer free crayons and pencils for teachers (teachers spend so much money on supplies these days so this is a plus).
  • If you've read the above point erase it from your memory. The pay is between $3,000USD - $3,750USD/monthly depending on experience and qualifications.

Job ads are so terribly boring, so we hope you like ours as there's no reason you need to make a job boring. Frankly, it doesn't make sense to make a job ad so boring, this job is at an acclaimed international British school with amazing staff, adorable students and they have an astounding academic program. Phew - I was running out of positive words that start with the letter 'A'. Any way you look at it, a teaching job in Abu Dhabi at this School is about as fantastic a teaching job as you'll ever get.

What Else do I Get?

  • Housing or an allowance if requested
  • Standard medical insurance
  • Paid Summer Break - woohoo!!!
  • We can't forget about all the paid holidays - isn't it fun to not work and be paid (oh wait, that's called a job or as I like to call them the perks of a job)

Other Details We Should Mention...

  • The school hires teachers for the long haul - 2 years.
  • You'll start at the end of August 2017 (very soon so apply before you even finish reading this job ad - and, as your mom probably said to you. "if you wait too long to apply, the job will be gone forever and you'll be flipping burgers instead" - mom's are so smart)
  • Only qualified teachers with a minimum of 2 years experience will be considered (you should already know this if you read the very first paragraph)
  • Job is located in stunning Abu Dhabi

I'm sure we missed some information so apply today to learn more

We're just looking for serious teachers ready to sign today with this lovely school in Abu Dhabi so if you're still deciding or tire kicking your options that's fine but please come back later when you're ready. We'll be waiting we promise!!!

If you're still reading right to the very bottom of this job ad, good for you.

Now get off your butt and apply today.

Seriously, apply today. We have jobs to offer and hundreds of positions to fill all throughout the Middle East.

A job shouldn't be impossible to figure out. We'll help you to get into a Middle East teaching position so you can check that off your annoyingly long to do list. After that it's just wondering if you should pack your blue or red swimsuit - please no speedos, as a Canadian I find them unusual and a bit weird - save yourself the effort and money by just wearing your tightie whities to the beach.

Thank you for checking out our job, we're and we may have a teaching job awaiting you in the Middle East.