MongoDB’s recent IPO (NASDAQ:MDB) signifies a major milestone in our journey of unleashing the power of software and data for innovators everywhere by making highly available, horizontally scalable, infrastructure agnostic, distributed databases and tools. But it’s just the beginning. We have ambitious goals and are growing our R&D team to achieve them. To make our product management decisions objective and effective, we rely on a lot of data. We are looking for a seasoned product manager who has background in business intelligence to manage various systems for the entire Product team across all areas: the Core Server, Cloud, Drivers and Enterprise Tools. You will enable, enhance and combine Product Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics to gain deeper understanding of our user engagement. This role is broad in scope and will involve many other activities to make product research and management most effective.

Do you want a fun job an information radiator and enabling deeper understanding of user engagement that will lead to product innovation?

Join us!

The right candidate will have

  • A proven track record of success in product managing and delivering software solutions and/or services
  • Professional experience in defining/managing analytical workloads and building BI solutions to provide valuable business insights in real time
  • Systems thinking habits
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Solid technical skills
  • Working knowledge of Python or Java is a plus
  • Decisiveness and accountability
  • Fundamental statistics & machine learning skills are a plus
  • Curiosity, desire to learn and adapt!

Position Expectations

  • Explore the problem space, interact with various stakeholders,  formulate the vision and maintain the roadmap for the area of Product Systems
  • Deeply understand all aspects of the business
  • Drive alignment of roadmaps/backlogs across the areas
  • Act as an information radiator
  • Assess existing data sources/technologies used by MongoDB and put in place solutions that cross-correlate/aggregate data across them
  • Analyze various kinds of data to identify patterns, outliers and trends to help make better product and business  decisions
  • Collaborate with peers in Product & other disciplines (including  the Field, Technical Product Marketing, Developer Advocacy, Support) to ensure alignment and common success
  • Manage Customer Advisory Boards
  • Manage and analyze user surveys
  • Capture practices, processes, patterns and maintain the Product Knowledge Hub
  • Preferred location is New York but open to a remote location

Success Measures

  • In three months, you will have on-boarded on the current MongoDB technologies & tools, produced an inventory of various systems and data sources used by product management, formulated a roadmap for a unified Product Analytics solution
  • In six months, you will have reconciled various data sources into a unified Product Analytics solution to analyze product feature adoption, usage and effectiveness as well as identify user experience incongruities and how to improve them. You will have also organized one Customer Advisory Board, analyzed its outcomes and made recommendations
  • In twelve months, you will have improved the Product Analytics solution as the main information radiator and enabled the entire Product org to use it effectively in a self-service manner; organized multiple Customer Advisory Boards; identified new opportunities & refined your roadmap, contributed to other projects, presented to customers, user groups, and conferences, and gained strong support of your team and other stakeholders
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