The drivers team builds the tools and libraries that developers, data analysts and data scientists rely on to get value from MongoDB.

We are a globally distributed team of polyglots capable of contributing to projects in various languages. Our senior engineers are typically specialists in a particular programming language, but are capable of contributing to projects in other languages as well.

For this role, we're looking for someone who enjoys designing, writing, and supporting Open Source libraries and standalone tools that provide the highest quality developer experience for Node.js engineers using MongoDB.

You might be right for this role if you…

  • Have substantial, demonstrable experience writing high-quality software in Node.js and at least one other language (e.g. C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Go etc.)
  • Have participated in Open Source software development and/or communities
  • Advocate for testing and agile development best practices
  • Are fascinated by concurrency, parallelism and distributed systems
  • Make pragmatic design tradeoffs, balancing features, maintainability and delivery time
  • Communicate well, internally and externally, both in writing and face-to-face
  • Lift the skills and expertise of those around you
  • Are excited by our mission and values

You'll be on a team responsible for…

  • The mongodb node driver, a driver downloaded over 2 million times a month
  • Writing clean, tested and maintainable code
  • Advocating for usability throughout the design and development process
  • Participating in regular code reviews, mentoring junior engineers, and collaborating with peers in our distributed world-wide development team
  • Staying up-to-date with the Node.js open source community and JavaScript frameworks
  • Communicating directly with the community, answering questions, fixing bugs and providing material which teach best practices when using our products

You'll have responsibilities beyond just code, including…

  • Working with our Product and Server teams on designs and specifications for new customer-facing MongoDB features
  • Investigating bugs and support requests from commercial and Open Source customers for the libraries and tools our team maintains
  • Seeking out speaking or writing opportunities to evangelize to developer communities
  • Mentoring junior engineers, in both technical and non-technical professional skills

Success in this role means…

  • Within three months, you'll know most of the codebase you are responsible for and will be contributing effectively day-to-day fixing bugs and implementing already-planned features
  • Within six months, you'll have contributed to the roadmap for our products and led the design and specification of new features; you'll have the trust of the team and our internal customers
  • Within a year, you'll have delivered several new releases of our software, will have significantly improved the quality, performance and maintainability of our codebase, and will be taking the lead in designing new tools to solve new customer problems

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