yada is a real-time event management platform which is designed for every aspect of lifes events. It allows users to organise events and collate contributions from participants, which can be combined to form a 360-degree view of their event.

How We Started

Our MD, Martin Roots, who has professional experience working for the likes of British Airways and Deutsche Bank, came up with the concept for the app whilst attending a family wedding. Guests were asked to take photos of the day using disposable cameras places on the tables to provide the Bride & Groom a guest’s-eye-view of the day. However, by the end of the evening many of these had been lost or damaged, meaning the money and the memories had gone to waste.

Viewing this as a problem that could occur across a number of types of events, Martin created yada as a way to improve attendee experience at live events, as well as to capitalise on the prevalent use of smartphone cameras.

Our Culture

yada is an exciting fast-paced, high-tech and start-up business that is really making an impression on the events industry. Although we may be a small team, we work well together and have an incredible time.

The perks of working in the events industry is that it is our job to be out and about, talking to people and building new relationships. Networking is at the heart of our company so it is really important for us to build a team of social, fun and interesting people.

Our Team

We have the perfect combination of wise old owls that have tons of experience between them and fresh young talent that are straight out of University. By working together, every one can expect to gain a wide variety of transferable skills as you learn about the ins-and-outs of each sector.

"Working at yada for the summer has been a lot of fun - we visited so many cool places, made great memories, and not to mention the banter in the office was second to none!" || Michael Woods - Advertising, Social Media & Marketing Intern 2016 (Top Geezer)

yada in action

This summer we attended various events across the UK and used the app to showcase them. Check out our yada in action video that showcases our highlights. We are also working on projects with Good Life UK, The Freshers' Festival in Scotland and Black British Academics as well as up and coming artist Jasper Wilde so stay tuned for more!

Induction Day for the yada Academy

Last summer we launched our first yada Academy. Take a look to see our interns and app in action.

Our Adventures

Earlier this year we were selected to be a part of the Collision Conference in New Orleans. From 16,000 applicants, we were one of 600 companies chosen to exhibit so we packed our bags, donned our mardi-gras beads and jetted off to The Big Easy.

Our Offices

We are based in one of the fabulous wework offices in Spitalfields. With pool tables, free beer and weekly events its a wonder we actually get any work done!

Our Case Studies

We have been working and talking to some great people and companies throughout the year. Here are some of our Case Studies which give you a glimpse into yada life.

Our Recruitment Policy

Notice to Staffing Agencies, Placement Services, and Professional Recruiters

yada has an internal recruiting department and solely uses Jobbio as a hiring solution. Staffing Agencies, Placement Services and Professional Recruiters are hereby kindly informed that we do not welcome nor respond to unsolicited emails and phone calls.

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