Zahra Media Group is an award-winning media agency with a wealth of experience. We provide a full range of services including publishing, concept development, editorial creation, sub-editing, proofreading, design, production, print management, distribution management, reader research, digital editions, advertising sales, photography, Irish language translation and much more.

The Zahra Team

We have 25 full time staff based in Greystones, Our team stems from a vast array of backgrounds and as a result we have a variety of skill sets within our studio, editorial and marketing teams. We also have a host of subject matter experts at our fingertips.

Q&A with John & Gina

What makes Zahra Media Group unique? John: Zahra is unique in that it is a consumer and custom publisher foremost and a design agency second. This means that our publishing stable/portfolio is made up of consumer titles that we own and sell on the newsstand, as well as publications that we produce on behalf of blue-chip companies. Having a foot in both camps has three main benefits: 1) we are highly experienced at creating content that is on target, 2) we have to stay abreast of media trends and how consumers want to consume information, and 3) we are commercially focused. How does Zahra serve blue chip clients? Gina: A good example of how we work is with the ESB, for whom we fulfill all their content needs. We produce everything from their annual report, to a bi-monthly staff newspaper (EM), Sustainability Report to Divisional Business Plans, invitations to special events and even their Christmas card. We have literally become a one-stop shop for all ESB’s publishing needs and we love figuring out ways to exceed their expectations – even after all these years of working together! What are the biggest difficulties for companies when it comes to content marketing? Gina: Coming up with truly engaging stories around your brand and products on a regular basis. The responsibility of content creation is often tagged onto someone’s existing job. Companies are so busy running their business that it is difficult for them to step out of the day-to-day and think about what their customers really want to know about (as opposed to what we want to tell them). Developing and implementing a content strategy that delivers can be challenging so consider working with a content marketing expert who can help you ‘find the story’ and then write and distribute it for you. What’s next for Zahra Media Group? John: On the Consumer side of our business – building communities around our newsstand titles across multiple platforms (eg. web, social and events) that can be leveraged for good, and on the Custom side of the business – helping blue-chips come to grips with the current content marketing wave by simplifying the content creation process and making it more accessible.

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